Simply good food from an all day menu you can eat every day.  Good food.  Good service.  Good prices.  Brisbane’s best all day breakfast seven days a week.  We cook to order each and every plate so you can break your fast just the way you want.  Our credo is simple.  Our experience and international perspective ensures our meals are attentively crafted and every bite will satisfy.  Our ingredients are sourced with a mind for quality and consistency as well as a mind for miles, sustainability and all round good food ethics.  We support local.

What’s our focus?  Breakfast for lunch and lunch all day.

We think that when the culinary world is your oyster it is comforting to indulge in the basics and the choice of the average celebrity chef offers proof.  When kitchen superstars come calling we enthuse over the international flavour that is Australian café fare.  We rave about Brisbane’s high quality morning eats and how the city has grown.  We’re truly international baby … and we think we’ve always done the international well at Anouk …  and then we take their order.  English megastar chef … poached eggs and bacon.  Australian megastar chef …  poached eggs and bacon.  Brisbane megastar chef … poached eggs and bacon … well, maybe chilli creamed corn.  Do love an egg!